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They can’t all be winners.
Here are some cool concepts that didn’t make it off the cutting room floor:


Independence Brothers

A custom leather goods shop based in Philadelphia, Independence Brothers launched with an off-the-shelf logo from a gig site.  Soon after orders started coming in I got tapped to explore a more in-depth personal mark.  Despite an enthusiastic response to the initial concepts, their burgeoning supply chain was in more urgent need of the funds.

With a name like that, and based in the country’s first capital, eagles and stars were obvious touchstones.  But moving past the obvious, I cast a wide net for inspiration; drawing on egyptian heiroglyphics, WWII airplane tail codes, and London fashion houses to cover a range of prospective buyers.

︎ Interesting brief
︎ Lots of inspiration to pull from
︎ Free made-to-measure leather jacket included in contract
︎ Financials needed elsewhere



Dublin Lash

The Overwatch League was my introduction to the world of esports: Basing teams in physical cities meant I could be a shameless homer for the Philadelphia Fusion, and dream up possibilities for other places around the globe.

Ireland’s gaming scene may be tiny, but leading up to the 2018 Overwatch World Cup their team’s spiffy jerseys and punchy social media presence caught them an outsized, international fanbase.  And despite them flaming out in a qualifier against Iceland, I was inspired to work out a look for the Overwatch League’s potential new franchise.

The mark itself is based on the Púca, a mythological Irish shapeshifter seen as a horse, dog, hare, or other wild beast.  Known for causing mischief, anyone tricked onto one’s back is treated to a terrifying ride through worlds beyond our own.  A spiral (featured in Irish art since 3200 BCE) represents the unpredictable nature of both the Púca's form and the underdog team punching above their weight class.  Even in the typography, the clash of the ancient and the modern is a central theme across all the materials I developed for the Lash, and a fascinating duality in Irish culture throughout history.

︎ One of my favorite marks
︎ First work in esports space
︎ Got a shoutout from Team Ireland’s General Manager
︎ Doesn’t actually exist



There was a bit of controversy back in 2017 when an ad firm from outside Philadelphia released a set of fonts inspired by the city’s neighborhoods: The historically underserved North Philadelphia was represented by a typeface using shoddily-nailed wooden boards, and its description called the area “rough and blighted”. I joined a group of indignant local designers in making a new set of typefaces, with each person representing the neighborhood they actually resided in. The results were available on a pay-what-you-want basis, with profits going to local causes (my choice was Fleisher Art Memorial, a community art school focusing on subsidized and tuition-free classes).

Vasa, my entry for the tiny but historic district of Queen Village, drew inspiration from the Swedish architecture of the area’s first European settlers. Being the city’s oldest residential area and home to its oldest building, yet with a rapidly modernizing face of sleek apartment buildings and young families, Queen Village needed a font to show both sides of its history. Named for the royal house of Queen Christina of Sweden (guess why it’s called “Queen Village”), Vasa is constructed using simple, strong shapes that reflect both pioneer utility and a digital edge.

News coverage:
Philadelphia Inquirer (paywall)

︎ Collaboration with other Philly designers
︎ Raised money for a great local cause
︎ Research always gets me excited
︎ Only the first round of fonts was finished & released

︎ Ran out of time for sister font “Weccacoe” (inspired by the indigenous Lenape people)

And many more!
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