Philadelphia Hurling & Camogie Club

Philadelphia, PA

Hurling is a 3,000-year-old Irish sport played around the world, and outside of design is probably my biggest passion. It's no surprise, then, that the two have become woven together in my career.

Now that I've settled into playing for Philadelphia, the team has become my entrance to the world of sports design, a discipline I'm eager to explore. With annual city-wide leagues and tournaments (occasionally state-wide), I've had ample opportunity to practice.

(if you're curious, here's what the sport looks like)

Winter League 2018-2019

This past year, the team was split between the top-voted shirt designs.  The penguin’s vintage style eeked out a win for the jersey, but the unfortunate snowman will be used for supporter apparel in the coming months.

Winter League 2017

When given the chance, a client will alway pick the option you don’t expect. Naturally, when I tried to move to a more professional look for Winter League’s spiffy new hoodies, the team decided to go with the cyber-reindeer logo I put on Dribbble as a joke.  Each team’s color choices were appropriately neon.

City Series 2016

For the inaugural City Series tournament, I had to make it very clear that this was not another carefree, easygoing rec-league event.  Hurling isn’t for the faint of heart, after all.  Inspired by network sports graphics and the four very proud neighborhood teams (South Philly, DelCo, Buck’s County, and South Jersey), these jerseys are still highly sought-after by players and fans.

Winter League 2016

In 2016, what started as a few players’ deck hockey sessions grew to a hotly contested off-season league.  The bitter cold, rather than deter anyone, became a badge of honor for the players.  After days of concepting, I hit upon the perfect combination of a sliotar (hurling ball) and the arctic animal we all felt a special connection to after running around in freezing weather.
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