Independence Brothers

Philadelphia, PA

A Philly-based maker of ethical, made-to-measure leather goods, Independence Brothers has always straddled the boundary of Classic and Modern.  For decades the humble leather jacket has kept a space at the forefront of everyday fashion, yet finding the right fit and style is pie-in-the-sky for anyone of humble means.

These two brothers set out to fix that.

They jumped into production head-first, and came to me for a logo after setting up shop.  In the end the logo stayed as-is with minimal changes, but the process was a worthwhile exploration of postwar style, the many meanings of “bespoke,” and so, so many birds.

Proposal #1 - “Double Eagle”

Here’s where we turn from military style to capital-F Fashion.  The high-contrast serif typography is sharp as a pin, with an insignia ready for any application.  Either element is distinct on its own, lending personality or poise wherever needed and showcasing the brand’s blend of leather attitude and modern production sensibilities.  Alone, the mark could also be remixed endlessly, as the most iconic fashion brands always are.

The inspiration here was some of today’s most recognizable corporations: Chanel, Polo, Lacoste, and others that need only a symbol.  In some bright future, maybe the brothers’ double eagle could stand among those storied names.

Proposal #2 - “Bird Halo”

Given the Brothers’ location and company name, eagles were destined to come up.

To stand out in Philly’s crowded eagle-related logo space, I took a deep dive into bird mythology (as you do), pulling in reference from Garuda, Horus, and ancient depictions of divinity.  Many of those same natural and religious symbols inspired the iconography of the early United States, which is woven directly into the spirit of the city.

The finished proposal has a commanding presence, hanging a leather jacket on emblem that wouldn’t be out of place on some ancient coin. To ground the myth-laden graphic, it’s paired with the sort of classic script that’s been best friends with leather since the first flyboys came back from the war.

Proposal #3 - “Flyboys”

Hewing closer to the leather jacket’s vintage aviation roots, this concept also explored possible uses of a simplified icon as a hot brand or stamp.  The typography takes top billing here, pulling from WWII aircraft stencil work tightened up for a more personal reading experience (rather than at 200 yards in mid-air).

The bounding wing shape gives some lift to the mark, offsetting the heavy double-star “O” feature.  Pulled out on its own, either makes a simple, bold icon that can be stamped on collateral or repeated as a jacket lining pattern.

Proposal #4 - “Twin Pins”

Two brothers striking out on their own to bring a piece of iconic style to the masses is certainly a compelling story, and one where the protagonists are sure to leave a mark.  And what better mark for two Philadelphians than a waving flag?

The banner is anchored by two tailor’s pins, one for each of the Independence Brothers, both essential to each others’ success.  The typography was a request for a more “fashion-ey” look, while taking inspiration from the mono-weight mark (and avoiding the wide-open tracking of most fashion brands’ type).  
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