Danny Kane is a designer.
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I Rode Today is an open call to all who ride. Whether over mountains, off of dirt ramps, or down the open road, what’s important is that your happy place is on two wheels.

IRT is also a yearly sweepstakes run by Cycle Gear and Revzilla (moto gear and parts retailers) where you can win a free motorcycle.  Entries are determined by tagged social posts, so getting people to remember and use the hashtag is top priority.  I got the opportunity to brand the 2022 campaign, consisting of site assets, social graphics, and overall guidelines across all channels.

Previous years had focused on the free motorcycle, but I felt that a more personal touch was needed.  After all, what fun is a fancy new bike without a breathtaking ride and a bit of bragging?  An impossible-to-ignore speechbubble sticker kept the message clear while staying out of the way of the community’s own photography.

for use in social posts and smaller assets
Full Lockup
used on landing page and print where space is plentiful


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