Danny Kane is a designer.
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Put simply ICR is a PR firm, but that’s selling them a bit short: With a brain trust of financial advisors, journalists, creative pros, and more they handle just about anything a modern company gets thrown at it.

I worked with ICR on a series of freelance jobs, starting with a single non-profit social campaign and ending with the speaker invites and save-the-dates to their own crown jewel: the yearly ICR Conference. The breadth of projects meant I was speaking to audiences from all steps of the corporate ladder, and speaking to both hearts and minds in equal measure.


HypoPARAthyroidism Association

Hypoparathyroidism is a chronic disease that can cause muscle spasms, seizures, kidney failure, and other painful effects. But unfortunately, patients often feel alone and unsupported due to its relative obscurity and complex causes. The HypoPARAthyroidism Association was founded in 1998 by a father of five sons with hypoparathyroidism, and today brings awareness and support to those with the disease across 70 countries.

Awareness of the disease is a top priority, and the association’s Facebook page is its primary information mover. My job (via ICR) was to take the wealth of data and testimonials on hand and distill it into a set of quick social hits, and they definitely struck a chord: Over 6 days the posts generated more than 33,000 impressions and 2,800 engagements (reactions/shares/comments), on average a ~500% increase compared to even their best-performing previous posts.



ICR’s knowledge is its lifeblood, and it makes sense to show it off a bit to prove their credentials. The majority of my ICR work was on guides, checklists, and one-sheets that did just that.

They’re text-heavy by design: The intent is to feel closer to textbooks than workbooks. Readers were also expected to be higher on the corporate food chain, and respond well to documents with more “meat to chew on”. To me, that meant strong type heierarchy with a limited palette.



The yearly ICR Conference is a big deal in the investment world, attracting thousands of attendees and featuring presentations by hundreds of management teams from both public- and privately-owned companies. After more than 20 years of success, I was given the task of designing the presenter invitations and save-the-dates.

I built the most important information into blocks that are impossible to miss. While also continuing the grid in the header and footer, the heavy gray panels serve as punctuation between the more detailed background info, giving the reader a quick “where, when, how” summary even with the quickest glance.
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