New York, NY

I’ve covered a wide range of freelance projects for ICR, an NYC-based PR and Investor Relations firm.  From eBooks to infographics to emails and more, both internal and client-facing, they’ve been a treat to work with.

Media Interview Guide

One in a series of instructional PR eBooklets, this doc is a great example of the easily digestible style in which ICR presents their wealth of expertise.

Sticking with their established aesthetic, I focused strongly on typography, using plenty of white space to ease the eye through important information that the reader needs to internalize.  And with such a bright orange as ICR’s primary color, an easy hand was essential to not overload the layout.  The same approach flows through each section’s design, whether text-based or infographic.

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ICR Conference
Save-the-Date / Invitation

ICR’s yearly conference is a massive affair, drawing thousands of attendees and over 200 presenters from across the investment world.  For next year’s event, the team wanted an updated email template for the save-the-date and invitations to draw more attention to essential information and engage the reader quicker on first viewing.

I started by focusing on the event details: Setting them in heavy blocks to jump out from the airy layout of the rest of the email.  Adding a hero image to the header was the natural next step, balancing out the photography in the footer.  The photos themselves are centered on person-to-person connection, both with the current distanced situation and closer interaction in the future.

Click here for the full invitation layout

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