Dublin Lash

Dublin, IRE

Professional gaming is booming.  With millions of players worldwide and billions of dollars in revenue, it’s growing at a breakneck pace into every corner of the world.  The Overwatch League, based in cities across three continents, has been looking to expand further each year since its founding: Europe is one of its quickest-growing regions.

Ireland in particular has made a splash due to a fan-favorite World Cup campaign in 2019.  Looking forward to the 2021 season, here’s my take on a possible expansion team to capitalize on that momentum.

The logo

Ireland’s stories have always been a major part of its allure, and its mythology is some of the oldest in the world.  A common player in these myths is the púca, a mischievous shapeshifter known for giving its victims a wild ride through the country at terrifying speed.  Team Ireland already has a reputation for unpredictability and a clever media strategy, so what better icon to represent the country’s first entry into the league?

The mystery of the púca’s form (often a dog, horse, goat, or hare) is a natural fit with the spirals found in Ireland’s prehistoric art, revitalized here as a modern athletic mark to stand with the league’s existing brands.  But while the secondary typeface goes along with most teams’ sleek aesthetics, the primary font throws the weight of history behind its newest arrival.

The colors

Green, synonymous with Ireland since grass evolved, is the obvious choice for a primary color, in this case a vibrant, saturated version to match the team’s digital home ground.  A murkier shade plays backup, the dark forest to the sun-lit field.

The blues of the alternate colorway should be familiar to anyone who’s spent time in Dublin.  The region’s top-level hurling and gaelic football teams (“the boys in blue”) are already a thriving sport culture, and are a fitting touchstone for the Lash: The average Dubliner has looked up to a blue jersey since they first started grade school.

Lastly, a mark of this complexity needs some guidelines when used as an overlay.  Careful attention needs to be paid to constrast, to make sure the spiral maintains its impact wherever it appears.

The presentation

All the best branding comes to nothing if the audience doesn’t feel a connection, and with the Overwatch League built entirely on local support this is essential to the Lash’s success.

Miami has neon, San Francisco has a bridge, and Dublin has its storied streets.

From Grafton to Henry, O’Connell to Raglan Road, each thoroughfare and alley across the city has history to spare.  Social and promo graphics will focus on the streets that Dublin knows so well, and show opponents every twist and turn they’re about to be dragged through.

Danny Kane - Philadelphia, PA  ︎ ︎ ︎  Want to see more, or get some samples?  Let me know at dannykanedesign@gmail.com!