CRW Graphics

Pennsauken, NJ

After a productive first year at CRW Graphics, I got the chance of a lifetime: Rebrand the whole company.

Balancing over 50 years of print history with new digital offerings required more than a new logo. No longer just in the ink-on-paper business, CRW are professionals in "Making ideas work," whatever the final product.

The logo

Clean, modern typography looks forward to future success, while the official colors call back to the classic printer's palette of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The stripes are carried further in printed collateral, expanding the range of color to represent how CRW goes beyond the traditional expectations of a printer.

The tagline

CRW does much more than print.  Their years of success come from focusing on the goal, not the product, and “We make ideas work” mirrors that commitment to the bigger picture.

The collateral

The rebrand was the perfect opportunity to unify over a decade’s worth of scattered collateral materials. Everything from pocket folders to business cards to notepads now has one look (and finally, a set of brand guidelines).

A full gamut of color carries each design forward, showing the breadth of services CRW offers with the same vibrancy and precision in both conventional and digital print.  And keeping those colors sharp no matter the process is a major power move in the print world.

The equipment list

This piece is central to the company’s identity, explaining each capability and bit of equipment available to CRW Graphics.  Most importantly, it has to make sense of it all.  The inside spread is dominated by an extensive infographic, taking the reader through each step from intitial design to final delivery.

The vehicles

A 30-foot truck is not something I ever expected to have in my portfolio, let alone a small fleet of vehicles, but I always welcome a challenge!

CRW’s delivery and service vehicles became some of my most visible work.  I still see their van occasionally in Center City, bringing quality print to another satisfied customer.

The Outreach

Print For Good, CRW Graphics’ community outreach program, provided both financial and pro-bono assistance for worthwhile causes across the Philadelphia area.

The logo

Continuing CRW’s three stripes upward, Print For Good’s main mark places charity as one of the company’s top ideals.  As a bonus, the secondary lockup looks great as a pin:

The forms

As with every charity or non-profit effort, paperwork is the real workhorse of the brand.  So when a sheet of paper (or in this case, an interactive PDF) can make or break the whole process, it’s got to look good and work.


Impact Survey

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