Danny Kane is a designer.
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CRW Graphics is a commercial printer in Pennsauken, NJ, specializing in complex automation and luxurious color.

After a productive first year at CRW Graphics, I got a truly mouth-watering opportunity: Rebrand the whole company.

Balancing over 50 years of print history with new digital offerings required more than a new logo. No longer just in the ink-on-paper business, CRW are more accurately professionals in "Making ideas work," whatever the final product.


The Logo

Clean, modern typography looks forward to future success, while the official colors call back to the classic printer's palette of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The stripes are carried further in printed collateral, expanding the range of color to represent how CRW goes beyond the traditional expectations of a printer.


The Tagline

CRW does much more than print.  Their success comes from focusing on the goal not the product, and “We make ideas work” mirrors that commitment to the bigger picture.


The Branding

The rebrand was the perfect opportunity to unify over a decade’s worth of scattered branding materials.  Everything from pocket folders to business cards to a fleet of vehicles got a unified look (and finally, a set of guidelines).  A rainbow of color carries each design forward, showing the breadth of services CRW offers with the same vibrancy and precision (and keeping those colors sharp is a major power move in the print world).

The centerpiece was the three-panel equipment list pictured above: What started as a templated Word doc grew into a visual walkthrough of the entire CRW process, and marked a shift in the company’s value offer from technobabble to a holistic explanation of expertise.


The Outreach

Print For Good, CRW Graphics’ community outreach program, provided financial and pro-bono assistance for non-profits across the Philadelphia area. The mark is a friendly riff on the main CRW logo, and made for a pretty cool enamel pin:

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