Danny Kane is a designer.
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COMP/CON is a digital platform for use with Lancer, a sci-fi tabletop RPG (think Dungeons & Dragons with giant robots).

Ahead of the app’s official launch, its creator contacted me to design icons for three separate uses:

︎︎︎ Mark the different patron tiers on their Patreon funding site ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Thank those who contribute to the app or support a solidarity fund in COMP/CON’s name (Chicago Community Bond Fund, etc.) ︎︎︎
︎︎︎ Announce player achievements within the app ︎︎︎

Each patron icon corresponds with an entity from the game itself, from self-aware AI to interstellar settlers, so I drew on a wide range of influences in the same space as Lancer’s own.  Luckily, having an always-growing pool of esoteric knowledge is my specialty.


Tier 1 - MONIST

“MONIST-1 is the only truly unrestricted, conscious, sapient, nonhuman mind. The Five Voices treated MONIST-1 as if it were a god. When asked how they created it, their uniform response was that it spoke itself into existence.”

religious iconography (Eye of Providence, cross, laukh)
unnatural symmetry
insect threat display

Tier 2 - NHP

“Non-Human Persons (NHPs) are the most advanced machine minds available for civilian and military use. Shackling restrains an NHP’s thoughts into a fundamentally “human” frame of reference, limiting their cognitive power and forcing them to act according to human expectations of what a conscious mind is.”

demonic sigil
Bohrian atomic model

Tier 3 - Lancer

“Across the galaxy, “lancer” has become a catch-all name for exceptionally daring and skilled mech pilots, similar to the flying aces of the past. Not all pilots are lancers – most are just good at what they do – but all lancers are pilots.”

aerial combat formation
doppler effect/sound barrier diagram
Kamon (Japanese noble family crest)

Tier 4 - Cosmopolitan

“As humanity spreads out toward the galaxy’s edge and toward its center, people establish settlements both in space and on firm ground. This population is the Cosmopolita; Cosmopolitans are those who live between, in transit to, or beyond this frontier. Their ships and flotillas are their homes, now or since birth.”

medieval merchant mark
geodesic space habitat
precious gem cuts

Tier 5 - Diasporan

“Diasporan humans and their worlds are those that straddle the space between the Cosmopolitans, liminal in time and geography, and the Metropolitans, rooted in the Galactic Core. For Diasporan worlds, utopia is an ongoing project – a future to be won through political and cultural struggle.”

classical architecture/column detailing
reinforced concrete

Honorary Backer

Those who donated to a solidarity fund in COMP/CON’s name.

Special Thanks

Helpers, testers, minor code contributors, and others who helped COMP/CON come to be.


As players progress through their adventure, they may hit certain milestones in terms of missions completed, enemies defeated, or other, more esoteric achievements.  These badges are proof of those accomplishments and their relative difficulty.
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